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Practice Management, Business Consulting, Valuation, Tax and Accounting Services


Veterinary Management Group and Member Support Services
We are proud to assist members of  VMG study groups, through learning-facilitator services and more. Learn more here.

Practice Valuations
We have years of experience in preparing veterinary practice appraisals, analyzing profitability and assisting practice owners in using this powerful tool for proactively managing practice value. Learn more here.

Clandestine Client Call-In
How good are your employees at responding to telephone calls? Are you losing clients before you even see them? Find out! We anonymously call your practice to assess staff expertise, courtesy, and composure. We discuss our findings and give practical solutions for improvements. Learn more here.

We offer full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables and payables tracking and analysis. Learn more here.

Accounting Services
We specialize in comprehensive accounting services for veterinary practices. Beside preparing compiled and reviewed financial statements for bank or other third party use, we will also prepare custom financial reports for your internal, managerial needs. Please call to discuss your unique needs. Learn more here.

Tax Services
Our firm offers a variety of tax planning and compliance services. We will work with you year-round, if necessary, in order to help you minimize your total tax burden. Our firm also prepares federal, state and local tax returns for individuals and practices.Learn more here.

Mergers & Acquisitions
We help guide you through analysis, due diligence, and valuation processes, in addition to advising about alternative financing, financial disclosure, non-compete agreements, and many other M & A considerations.

Asset Protection
We can help you estimate the replacement cost of your existing assets and evaluate the adequacy of your insurance policies, sinking funds, and self-insurance.

Practice Succession Planning
Stop wondering if and how your practice will continue without you there. We can suggest various plans of action that will aid your practice’s smooth continuance and ensure that your heirs and associates will be protected.

Accounting Software Configuration and Training
Our firm specializes in customizing practice financial accounting procedures using the American Animal Hospital Association Chart of Accounts and the Equine Practice Chart of Accounts. We assist practices integrate these industry standards with accounting software programs such as Quicken, Quickbooks, Peachtree, ACCPAC and the like. We can provide training for your bookkeeping staff so that they wil be able to effectively utilize these essential practice management tools.

Profit Margin Analysis
Do you know how your practice measures up? We are experienced in interpreting the financial and management data of all kinds of veterinary practices, from single doctor companion and equine ambulatory, to 24 hour facilities and emergency care clinics.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis
Be proactive, not reactive. Let us help you with practice, construction, and personal cash flow and budgeting analyses. We’ll help guide you to practice management skills that minimize cost overruns, inventory wastage, lost purchase discounts, and uncollectable receivables.

Financial Forecast and Projections
Our firm provides financial and practice forecasting services, including proforma projections. We will also customize “what if” planning scenarios to help management foresee and plan for unexpected practice contingencies.

Buying & Selling a Veterinary Practice
Thinking of buying a practice? Our firm advises prospective practice purchasers about the ins and outs of valuation, financing, business entity structure, and transitioning.

Want to sell a practice? We assist sellers to prepare their practices for sale and transition. Learn more here.

Fee Reviews
Veterinary practice economics are constantly changing. We evaluate your fee schedules and provide suggestions to help you to keep up with changing standards of care, client expectations, and product and service expansions.

Compensation Studies
Payroll cost is the single biggest expense of running a successful veterinary practice. We help you budget payroll, plan for employee raises and benefits.

Financial Statements
Our firm prepares OCBOA and GAAP compliant financial statements as well as tailor-made financial analyses that can help practice owners and managers eliminate inefficiency and realize the practice’s full profit potential. We can help you determine any special financial reporting needs you may have.

Forensic Accounting
We can perform forensic accounting services as well as expert testimony. We are often engaged during divorces or partnership dissolutions to provide practice valuation services and uncover malfeasance and financial irregularities.

Practice Performance Management
We offer a wide range of consulting services to help you improve practice operations, boost efficiency, and increase the bottom line. Keep us on retainer and call whenever you need advice, be it a one question issue or a two hour in-depth discussion.

On-Site Operation Reviews
Get a fresh view of your practice. You can engage us for one, two and three day on-site reviews, customized to meet your need or as a general “health” check up.

Employee Training and Seminars
Want an expert to teach key personnel the essentials of veterinary practice management? We arrange both on-site and in our office training, provide private seminars, and even conduct interviews.

Team Building Tools
We work extensively with the DiSC behavior profiling system, to help your employees work as a cohesive group by teaching them to understand and respect the diverse behavior and approaches each person has. Ask us about options for group pricing and in-practice seminars. Learn more here.

Bookkeeper Training
We provide expert training customized for veterinary practices and are available for ongoing coaching via phone and Internet.

Your bookkeeper isn’t sure how to handle a transaction? Keep us on retainer and we are available for consultation throughout the year. Learn more here.

Fraud Prevention & Detection
Nobody likes to think about being robbed by an employee, but it can and does happen. We have the knowledge and experience to teach you how to protect your assets from employee theft and can help you implement systems to detect and deter fraudulent activity.

Business Office Set Up and Organization
Not sure how to set up an organized, well-managed business office to run your practice? We arrange on-site visits to implement systems that work.

Break Even Analysis
Looking to invest in new medical or surgical equipment? Thinking of expanding veterinary service options? Let us help you isolate associated fixed and variable costs, explore pricing options, and determine volume requirements to reach break-even or profit targets.

Inventory Management Consultations
Drug and medical supply purchasing and management driving you nuts? Do you have cost overruns? Engage us to review your protocols and advise about streamlined systems.

Practice Data Analysis
We review management reports from your practice management computer system and advise you of opportunities for improving revenue and profit through better utilization.

Revenue Driven Budgeting
Otherwise known as Program Driven Budgeting, this powerful tool enables you to use historical practice transactions and fee data to plan for coming months of activities. Don’t be reactive: proactively plan how you can set and meet goals.

Practice Owner Compensation Planning
Whether you are a shareholder, partner or limited liability company member, it is important to maintain good relationships with co-owners by creating a logical compensation plan customized for the needs of your practice.

Hospital Construction Planning and Financing
We understand the specialized nature of veterinary hospital construction and associated costs and hassles. We assist with financial forecasts and cash flow analyses, that incorporate financing arrangements and options to provide you with the “big picture”.

Contracts: Leases, Employment, Buy-Sell, Etc.
Although we are not attorneys, we are well versed in the variety of legal agreements that exist in the veterinary industry. We can review, advise and work with your attorney to protect your interests.

Practice Buy-Ins and Purchases
We assist you in the process of purchasing a partial or entire interest in a veterinary practice, covering the bases from due diligence and timing, to financing and setting up your new business. Learn more here.


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"I feel like we are cared for and that you watch over us. Before we worked with Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc., I felt like no one knew what was going on with our practice. We couldn't get the answers to the questions we had. No longer am I worried about horrible surprises. We feel you have our best interests at the forefront."
- Dr. Z

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