Dare To Care

Dedicated People = Healthy Practice

The Dare to Care program supports your everyday management efforts to encourage employees to “do the right thing”,  by coaching ethical behavior and alignment with core values and practice policy.

The program includes topical quarterly posters that remind employees about profit enhancing responsibilities such as client service, inventory safeguarding, workplace safety, and accurate invoicing.  The posters are displayed in a program-included Plexiglas awareness center for easy placement near employment law posters and the time clock.

Dare To Care Employee Awareness Center

The program also features a 24-7 employee hot-line for reporting highly sensitive issues of concern. The toll-free phone number supplements and supports other risk management actions such as documented anti-harassment training, liability insurance, and employee policy handbooks.

The all-inclusive, inexpensive annual subscription fee is based on practice locations and employee numbers. Our continuing clients using full CAT (consulting, accounting, and tax) services are eligible for a substantial discount.

The VPMP Dare to Care Program includes:

  • Informative quarterly newsletters and training materials to:
    • support team training and awareness
    • speed solutions to perceived internal problems
    • defend against false claims, such as harassment
  • Confidential and toll-free hotline number
  • Informational tri-fold brochures for each employee

Challenge your team to have a stake in your practice.

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