"Aside from Dr. Heinke, I can think of no one firm in the veterinary community that better combines: a breadth of veterinary management and accounting knowledge, experience as both a practicing veterinarian and veterinary accountant, as well as having a company with excellent customer service and support for our field.

I have known her for a decade, and have used her and her firm for hospital data preparation/analysis, screening for potential management-level employee hiring, annual practice valuation, a legal evaluation due to the dissolution of a partnership as well as for advice when I was preparing to sell my practice; my exit strategy.

I recommend her very highly in all areas having to do with the business of veterinary medicine."

–Dr. L, Maryland         

"I recommend Marsha Heinke and her associates for any of your veterinary practice management needs. Over the last 10 years I have consulted Dr. Heinke on numerous managerial issues, and through her professional guidance have greatly enhanced the efficiency of my hospitals. With her assistance I have now sold 2 veterinary hospitals. Through business consultations and practice evaluations, Marsha helped improve the overall sale value of these practices by approximately $750,000. Whether you are buying, selling, or just want an overall management evaluation of your practice, Marsha and her team will provide the tools you need to maximize your practice. I highly recommend all veterinary practitioners make Dr. Heinke part of their business team."
–Dr. Jeff Johnson         

"One of the experiences during veterinary school which has had the most impact on me was my externship with Marsha Heinke. For two weeks I learned about effective communication, finances and understanding different nuances in running and managing practices. Working as part of a dynamic high functioning team truly prepares on to work in the real world. My business acumen grew tenfold."
–Dr. Erica Barron         

"The team at Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc. has been unfailingly conscientious, reliable, friendly and knowledgeable. Their expertise has proven invaluable to the growth of our business. They have consistently helped us to make the most appropriate financial decisions based on our personal circumstances and goals."     
–Dr. Brad Seaman & Practice Manager Chloe Shest         

"The firm of Marsha L. Heinke, CPA has been a key partner with our practice since 2004. Marsha and her staff are available when needed and readily willing to assist and provide direction, in both prosperous and more importantly, in difficult times. The accounting professionals at the firm are bright, knowledgeable and innovative in not only their trained disciplines of finance and accounting but they are also exceptionally aware of the needs, constraints and challenges within the veterinary medical field. I've always believed, from the very beginning of our relationship, that Marsha and her staff made significant effort to understand me, my business, and my philosophies. In return, I've felt that they have always done and provided what was best for my individual practice."
–A Happy Client         

"I have been with Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc., VPMP since I purchased my first veterinary clinic. Their knowledge of the veterinary profession and the accounting world has been a tremendous help. My questions are answered quickly and professionally. They are very understanding and patient with my lack of accounting knowledge! With their expertise in both veterinary practices and accounting, they have helped with many decisions including equipment purchases, loan agreements and practice growth. My accountants at VPMP take a sincere interest in my practice, allowing for a great partnership!"
–Dr. Kylie Sloan         

"There are so many working parts within a veterinary practice. Since we began using Marsha L. Heinke CPA, Inc., we finally feel that we have a grasp on those parts. It is hard to find companies that are truly a partner and we feel that we have found that in the management of our accounting and finances. They started by getting us organized and have helped us continue to improve each month. I finally feel that I have a well-oiled accounting machine!"
–Dr. Paul LeCompte         

"I first met Marsha Heinke at an AAHA convention where she was a keynote speaker. I was blown away by her presentation. I was not yet a practice owner at the time and I spoke to her after the presentation. That was 7 years ago. The team at Marsha L. Heinke CPA, Inc. is awesome! They have been there every step of the way for me and have helped me in all aspects of running my practice. I feel so fortunate to have the knowledgeable and caring CPA's at Marsha Heinke CPA, Inc. on my team."
–Dr. Frederick Jones, DVM         

"For over 13 years, Dr. Heinke and her exceptional team of professionals has helped guide our practice to become a very successful small business. We have engaged them on many occasions for consulting services, always with a successful outcome. Her depth of understanding of veterinary practice management is best in the industry. We look forward to a 14th year as satisfied clients of MLH/VPMP!"
–Dr. John Nolan         

"Practice management guidance is challenging to find, especially in the equine veterinary industry. VPMP provides our clinic guidance in the areas of fee structure modeling, internal process controls, benchmarking and many other financial realms of daily management. Human Resource management has always been a struggle.VPMP allows for an extension of our internal management team, without the prohibitive cost of those resources, to more effectively manage the staff to its most effective level possible. Whenever our leadership encounters audits, such as sales tax or workers unemployment insurance, we reach out to VPMP for advice. The value of that advice allows our practice a confidence that we would not have otherwise.

Our ownership of a companion animal practice began eleven years ago with the guidance of VPMP, and will continue successfully into the future with the team of VPMP. With their sound professional guidance and the genuine personal relationships, our appreciation of VPMP grows beyond measure." –Dr. Scott & Mrs. Leslie Thompson         

"I am spending the next month preparing for the CVPM exam and the main way I am preparing is to reread Marsha's book. I'm taking notes and taking my time as I go through the book to reorganize my employee personnel records to make sure they comply with regulations we all need to follow. Her book should be mandatory for all practice managers and practice owners. Many staff members would benefit from it as well!!! So this is a plug for Marsha's book, Practice Made Perfect. If you can, slowly read and digest the book if you haven't already. Marsha writes well so reading the book is not dry and boring."
–Dr. Diane Eigner         

"I feel like we are cared for and that you watch over us. Before we worked with Marsha L. Heinke, CPA, Inc., I felt like no one knew what was going on with our practice. We couldn't get the answers to the questions we had. No longer am I worried about horrible surprises. We feel you have our best interests at the forefront."
–Dr. G. Z.         

"Hope the tax season crunch went well and your taking much desired time off!! Gina, the girls and I are in St. Lucia on spring break vacation. We chartered a 42 foot boat for 4 days and then 4 more days at a beach resort - none of this would have been possible without your help and the VMG these past 5 years... THANK YOU!! It's tough at times to slow down and enjoy your accomplishments and enjoy the journey. This past week has been great for me and my family. Life is Good."
–Dr. Bob Magnus         

"I would write more... but I am reading a new book from one of my heroes. It's called Practice Made Perfect. It is signed and everything... It's good to be me. Thank you very much!"
–Clark Weaver         

"We have all gone to workshops and meetings that focus on practice management and have been enriched by the experience. Translating the information into real-life, however, is often a stumbling block for many of us. Marsha Heinke, CPA conducted a "cold call" to a group of referral hospitals at their request... reported to each site the specifics of each call affirming the good things that were done and offering coaching for areas that needed improvement... each site (was able) to construct specific goals and action items tailor-fit to their individual situation. I think that a periodic exercise of this nature would be helpful to any group that wants to continually raise the bar for their professional and lay staff!"
–Dr. L         

" Thanks for the great job you two did at the AAHA meeting. I thought you covered the important stuff, and did it remarkably well in the time you had. Also, I thought you worked together well, and hope you are able to continue to work as a pair when the occasion arises, and the call is there."
–Dr. John Wright         

"Good people are made better by the quality of people they surround themselves. It has been my blessing to have your professional guidance and friendship through the years. Thanks."
–Dr. Jeff Johnson         

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