Veterinary Management Group Member Services

Veterinary Management Group Member Services

Study group participation offers practice owners a proven and effective method of keeping on the advanced edge of  practice management in a rapidly changing and competitive environment.

Call our office (440.926.3800) to learn more about how you can apply to membership in the premier alliance of veterinary private practice owners, Veterinary Study Groups, Inc.

Our Firm Helps VMG Members

We welcome any VMG member to call and learn how we can help you, through our expertise of working with groups and members since 2000. We offer our services at preferred rates to members and practices participating as part of the Veterinary Study Groups, Inc. family.

Our Firm Provides Group Faciliation Services

We are proud Learning-Facilitators of several VMGs, and we would be pleased to be considered for yours.

Our Firm Provides DATAlink Entry Services 

We are currently offering assistance with quarterly DATAlink input based on VMG members’ practice records.

We will use and rely on reports provided by practice managers from QuickBooks or other bookkeeping and practice management software as well as current property schedules and payroll reports to enter existing information into the DATAlink system to be compiled with your colleagues.

Some of our service offerings include:

  • Quarterly input of source documents into DATAlink
  • Quarterly analysis of QuickBooks transactions
  • Recoding suggestions

Cost and conditions will vary based upon the documents provided by each practice. Copies of all source documents will be needed in order to provide an individualized quote and customized engagement offering.

Please call and ask for Rachel Forthofer at (440) 926-3800

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